Bobby Lamantia

Adamsocial put up a blog using a photo of Steubenville Big Red coach Bobby Lamantia posing with his children at Reno Field.  What took place after the blog post was chuckle worthy.  Bobby Lamantia got a Twitter account and all hell broke loose.  He claims they were getting death threats.  We call bullshit.  These people have used this excuse so many times and never have they provided proof of police reports or FBI reports.  They expect the public to just believe them because they are such fine upstanding citizens.  Just like the bomb threat at Steubenville High School that they continue to use to exploit and to blame Anonymous when Sheriff Fred Abdalla clearly stated that the threat was called in by middle school kids who wanted to get out of school early.

Bobby Lamantia and peaceintheville are losing their minds on Twitter about the innocent children when it is Bobby Lamantia who allowed the photograph of he and his children to be posted at  Click here to view the photograph on the site and the Google results showing that his photo.  No one stole the photo. It was in the public domain. You don’t get to use your own stupidity to scream victim.

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Shannon L Hull-Corsi

Shannon L Hull-Corsi These boys have suffered enough. Leave them alone! The “victim” is certainly back to her old ways. Never missed a beat it seems. Leave these boys alone. They are the Real Victims. They have suffered and will continue to do so for years. Their names have been trashed. I don’t see her name out there! It should be. She also shares blame for all this by her own actions. Period.
Mrs. Hull-Corsi’s words are proof positive why some in that community need to be educated about rape culture.  Absolutely disgusting!

kimmy mccalla (@kimmylocal246)

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Task Force Heroin Bust (Harold Star)

Comment found at by the very informed Harold Star

It’s a shame that this post will probably get lost among everything else but there is no present topic available where it can be placed. In my opinion, it deserves to be headlined with it’s own separate heading called: THE BIG SCAM. (maybe Radio can think about it as there should be many comments following its publication.)

Normally, I write about or give a history lesson that deals with the appearance of corruption amongst the political, elected and appointed elite or those that envision themselves as such in Steubenville and Jefferson County. Sometimes, the history goes back several years or decades.

But with the Big-Spectacular-Sensational Dog and Pony Show given by Prosecutor Jane Hanlin and her cohorts on Friday about the indictments of heroin traffickers in the Seubenville Area, all that is needed to expose the scam being perpetrated on the reading public is going “back in history” several months to a year ago.

This information is being exposed today so that when the predicted Herald Star Newspaper praise of Jane and law enforcement appears in tomorrow’s newspaper editorial (Sunday, December 22, 2013) those that read this blog site will be fully apprised of how far the scam on them has gone.

Keep in mind also, that Jane’s “excellent adventures” were verbalized by her as the guest speaker at Steubenville Rotary yesterday with another great Herald Star publicity stunt story.

Listed in the great news announcement yesterday, Friday, December 20,2013 were the names of those dangerous hombres, the heroin drug dealers, which took 2 years to investigate and apprehend. But all one had to do and what the Herald Star newspaper could have done to expose the truth was to simply type in the names of those indicted to see that they could have been stopped in their tracks numerous times in the court system prior to those “secret indictments”. Most of them could have been put away right from the beginning had Jane’s Husband, the Steubenville Police Narcotics Chief done his job.

What happened, however, the criminals got to roam the streets of Steubenville, commit mayhem, threaten our safety, until the time was right to arrest them for a big news splash.

Here is the information right under the noses of law enforcement, prosecutors and the Herald Star newspaper that has not been reported. I only bothered to review four of the locally indicted “dangerous heroin dealers.”

Kinlawed Hendrix: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago, he was tried in Jefferson County Common Pleas Court on around May 13, 2013. Mr. Hendrix faced prosecutor Jane’s top assistant prosecutor and potential Harvard Law School Professor Frank Bruzzese on the crime of felonious assault. The jury found Hendrix not guilty of felonious assault (there goes the 100 % conviction rate.) He was found guilty of the minor crimes of stalking and tampering with evidence. The sentence was supposed to be 30 months in prison. So how come he was able to be indicted 7 months when he was supposed to be in jail under 30 month prison sentence?

Robert L. Simmons: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago, he was convicted in Steubenville Municipal Court on or about May 2, 2013 for drug abuse. This dangerous drug dealer was fined $250 and permitted to be on his way to continue with his profession of drug dealing.

Then on or about July 15, 2013, in Steubenville Municipal Court, Mr. Simmons was charged with felony drug trafficking. That case was amended to misdemeanor drug abuse. He was supposedly sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Then, on or about September 8, 2013 in Steubenville Municipal Court, while he was supposed to be serving his 90 day sentence in jail, Mr. Simmons, who had been charged with Felonious Assault, had his case reduced to misdemeanor assault and was supposedly sentenced to 75 days in jail. So how has he been indicted two days ago for activities in which he should have been in jail for 90 days and an additional 75 days?

Jessie O’Birden: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago for drug trafficking in heroin, he appeared on or about March 31, 2013 in Steubenville Municipal Court on a charge of driving with a suspended license. He could have received at least 90 days in jail, thus preventing him to continue with his drug trafficking business. Instead he got a $300 fine and a $100 fine for improper backing. But he doesn’t work, will probably get a court appointed attorney, but can come up with money to pay fines.

Berryon F. More: Prior to his “secret indictment” two days ago for drug trafficking in heroin, on or about December 26, 2012, in Steubenville Municipal Court he had his reckless operation of a motor vehicle charge dismissed. (Shucks, it was the day after Christmas–everyone deserves a Christmas present.)

Then on or about August 6, 2013, Berryon F. More had his OMVI charge, which could have put him in jail for months, reduced and he was sent to the “driver intervention program”. He paid a $375 fine and another $100 fine for speeding. He too will probably be unable to hire an attorney so the taxpayers will foot the bill. He can come up with his money to pay fines though.

So, the above is just four simple examples of how allegedly “dangerous heroin dealers” of Steubenville were permitted to continue with their trade in spite of the fact that they could have and should have been off the streets a long time ago. I thought Jane said that because of the great cooperation amongst law enforcement, everyone was on the same page and could work together to get these people put away. It’s a start she has said. The fact is, the whole task force, news conference, mutual admiration society, federal certification thing is just a publicity scam.

It should have worked because the local newspaper would never check the names of those indicted with the names of criminals that have already appeared earlier in their newspapers.

This short history lesson is probably worthless to anyone on the outside because only those on this blog, if they see it, will get to read about it.

In the final analysis, you just can’t believe anything Jane and her buddies in law enforcement say or do. Their only concern is not to get criminals off the streets, but to have a big public relations, media event to keep Jane’s name in the forefront until she runs or is anointed to her next political position. Do I hear an amen? Do I hear a here come da judge?

Ruth Anne Bruzzese

To the editor:

It’s not always proper to brag about your own. I am going to make an exception to that rule. In the last few weeks, I have seen some incredible behavior by the students at Steubenville High School.

First, let me talk about the band. This may be the hardest-working organization around. One weekend, they had an away game, then a 7 p.m. performance at someone’s house and then a noon performance the next day at my house. (I was a lucky drawing winner.) You would think by Day 3 they would have given half-effort and a lackluster performance. That was not the case. They marched from Harding School to my house, performed for an hour and marched back to Harding. They were fun, energetic and talented.

Then, just this week, they put on a great varsity show for two nights at the high school.

Again, fast-paced and enthusiastic to the end, Rick Hicks and his staff did a great job planning the show, and the kids did a great job executing the show. Memorable.

And then on Nov. 1, it was senior night for the football team and cheerleaders. The compassion and heart shown by the football team was heartwarming. The seniors all took turns pushing Matt Firm through the line made by the band. He needed to be pushed because he is in a wheelchair. They let him break the hoop and then raised Matt and his wheelchair onto their shoulders and carried Matt back to midfield. It was a sweet moment, made bittersweet because Matt’s dad (and my brother) passed away and was not able to see it.

When the game ended, the team did not think it had made the playoffs. For some, this would be the last time in Harding Stadium as a player. They didn’t think about that – they thought of Matt. So, the whole team got behind the wheelchair and drove Matt to the endzone for a “touchdown.” The horse blew fire, the horn sounded and people cheered. Touching.

These students were taught this behavior at home, I am sure, but also by coach Reno Saccoccia. He has included Matt as a part of the team for years, and I am sure for years to come. The entire coaching staff has included Matt and let him be a part of something his body wouldn’t let him do.

Coach Anthony Pierro maintained a watchful eye over Matt while the boys were carrying him and while he was on the sidelines. He is a good friend to Matt.

So, thank you, Reno, Anthony, Rick and every student at SHS. I am proud to wear red and black, to be an SHS alumna and a member of the Steubenville City School Board.

Ruth Anne Bruzzese


It’s too bad Mrs. Bruzzese and her fellow board members didn’t have enough time or the desire to write a letter to the community addressing the shameful situation involving their athletes.


I agree with every word you wrote Ruth Anne. I too am proud to be part of the SHS tradition.

The selflessness, dedication, pride and class that our students exhibit everyday goes unmatched. These acts are the very heart and soul of who we truly are.

No person could possibly begin to understand how strong and deep the ties that bind us run unless they are part of the Big Red Family. It is like nothing else you could ever experience. It is true. It is lasting.

Just Us!

Aronck2 Brings the Irony

It is no secret that aronck2 is a racist, bigoted, uneducated douche who spends his internet time stalking, harassing and name calling others.  This tweet today brings the irony to an all new level.  For aronck to call anyone a stalker is laughable.  Why is Jane Hanlin communicating with someone who has no problems making racial slurs or showing his ignorance in general?  It says a lot about the type of company one keeps.

stalkers and jumpin jane